Ashley banjo and kimberly wyatt dating

"I'm not an Adonis but I was brought up by beach in Sydney - everyone walks around with their shirts off so I feel quite comfortable.

Despite their superficial similarities – and their identical prize money of £100,000 each – the shows are quite different in their content and tone.

[Laughs]""Okay, I sometimes wear boxers but it's quite healthy to have your areas aired out! I'm quite a good pancake maker so you know especially if it's Valentines and I should happen to have girlfriend, I'd do the heart shaped pancakes with some good maple syrup and freshly squeezed orange juice.""I like someone who can genuinely make me laugh, I have quite a strange sense of humour.

I'd quite like to meet my soul mate, wouldn't that be nice? " "There isn't at all I have to say - I mean she's beautiful but there's no spark like that. We're going up to see Ashley's [Ashley Banjo] Diversity show in a couple of days.""What do you wear to bed?

they are through to the live semi-finals of nationwide talent show Got To Dance.

The eight-strong city group only began dancing last year and were among thousands from all over the UK who applied to take part in the Sky 1 Show.

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They performed before Pussycat Dolls performer Kimberly Wyatt, West End star Adam Garcia and Ashley Banjo from Britain’s Got Talent winners Diversity.

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