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If it's true that you can find everything in New York, why is it so hard to land a good date?

A recent study found that black people of all ages were 10 times more likely to initiate contact with white people than other black people.

He plays for the Jets, he’s an amazing man, and, you know, he does his thing. That n—a gonna beat the hell out of me in an arm wrestling [match].

At the end of the day, he supports me whether a b—h was skinny, fat, off her rack, whatever.” When Tiff asks who would win between Sky and her boo in an arm wrestling match?

Since reality TV fame and plastic surgery Sky may be getting more men in her DMs but she tells Tiffany Pollard, “If they didn’t love me before, don’t love me now.” In a bonus clip from Brunch with Tiffany, after giving Tiffany in depth of her breast augmentation Sky reveals that she’s got a new man and he’s a professional NFL baller who plays for the New York Jets. Watch the full episode of Brunch with Tiffany with Sky and Tiffany here!

“I got me a boyfriend though, so I’m good with that.

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The Scene Whether lured from other states and countries by Midtown Manhattan's bright lights or bonded to Queens since birth, New York's population of eligible black singles is diverse, young, thriving and ready to enjoy each other's company.

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