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According to locals, the venues would be more of a reflection of their owners than of Japanese society in general The museums would be located wherever their owners deemed fit.

The Hokkaido House of Hidden Treasures in Jozankei Onsen, for example, looked more like a rundown two-storey restaurant - perhaps because the top floor actually was a barbecue joint The content of the museums could be seen to be artistic rather than debauched, featuring sculptures, classic drawings, black light paintings, and mannequins.

But campaigners have expressed dismay that manga and anime depicting child abuse will still be permitted after its publishers and opposition politicians said it would be a curb on free speech.

Masatada Tsuchiya, a member of the ruling Liberal Democrat party: “I believed we should go a step further and take a look at manga and animation in which children are sexually abused.“Of course freedom of expression is important. But some of the things out there are so depraved they aren't worth defending.”Kiyohiko Toyama, a member of the opposition New Komeito party, thought the law was a positive step telling Reuters at the time: “For too long, there was a poor understanding of children's rights.

However, the venues were a product of their time and have since been made obsolete by the internet - a much greater, varied and readily available source of erotic and sexual content Individual rooms and exhibitions in the museums would be dimly lit spaces where visitors would be able to indulge their wildest fantasies.

Rarely mentioned in English travel guides, they were not widely advertised by locals and may appear disguised as something entirely different - such as a restaurant - from the outside.

And from June, Sapporo, a city with nearly two million people, will become the largest in the country to issue formal recognition to same-sex couples.

Japan has finally enforced a ban on the possession of child sex abuse images after years of pressure.

The Kanamara Festival, first held in 1969, is an annual celebration of the legend of the steel phallus.March saw the first trans man to be elected to public office in the country, as well as a national policy which protects against anti-LGBT bullying for the first time.Same-sex marriage is not legal in Japan, but nevertheless, the first surviving same-sex spousal benefit application was filed in the country earlier this year.The festival, which is celebrated on the first Sunday of April in Kawasaki – a city between Tokyo and Yokohama, on Honshu – also raises money for HIV research.The 17th-century tale of death and the supernatural describes a demon hiding inside the vagina of a woman he loved but could never be with.

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Seen as a lighthearted outlet for frivolous entertainment in the pre-internet era, they were not to be taken too seriously and would be visited by tourists and locals alike Erotic themed exhibits now lie abandoned and covered in dust in the hihokan - or treasure palaces.

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