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Chris Noth and John Corbett hit the town ahead of the Golden Globes on Friday.

The duo, who played Carrie Bradshaw's leading men in Sex and the City, reunited at Ketel One's Golden Globes preparty at Bouchon restaurant in Beverly Hills.

He has since cornered the market on "sensitive guy" roles, appearing as a fianc in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, a priest in Raising Helen, Sarah Jessica Parker's boyfriend on Sex and the City, and Chris, the moody DJ on Northern Exposure.

He hosted The Love Chronicles on A&E, offering "a sociological, scientific and historical look at the rituals and traditions surrounding love, courtship and marriage".

Much like the London premiere, Hugh and SJP were all over each other. That SJP thinks Miley is a beautiful, self-possessed young woman (who pole dances) and that height equals being a Viking. Sarah Jessica Parker and Miley Cyrus don’t appear onscreen together in “Sex and the City 2,” in theaters next year, but Parker did spend enough time on set with the 17-year-old singer/actress to learn one big thing about her: She’s a rather tall girl. “She’s a beautiful young lady and very self-possessed,” she said. I was in the scene, but we were not [onscreen] together.

Probably because Sarah Jessica Parker has questionable taste, yes? SJP spoke about Miley Cyrus’s cameo in the film, which, judging from the photos (below), is a scene in which Miley and Kim “Samantha” Cattrall are wearing the same outfit.

[The ‘Regis and Kelly’ comment] — it just happened.” John said marriage is something he thinks about in tandem with rearing a gaggle of children, which is (SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t seen ‘SATC 2’ yet!It shouldn’t come as a surprise that after starring in a movie that examines what comes after getting married (“Sex and The City 2”), John Corbett was going to have to field a few questions about his own thoughts on the issue.And while the actor recently told “Live with Regis and Kelly” that he and ladylove Bo Derek might just walk down the aisle “in the not-too-distant future,” the actor clarified his comments earlier this week to on Monday. How many people have been engaged three or four times and called it off or whatever?The men were joined by John's longtime girlfriend, Bo Derek, and actress Sharon Stone, but the question on everyone's mind was "Where was Sarah Jessica Parker?" Just last month, Sarah appeared on Billy on the Street, and after talking about the criticism she received for the Sex and the City 2 film, she played a hilarious game of "Santa's Reindeer or Sex App?

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