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" Athena exclaimed."OHH SO I CANT EVEN GO TO THE MOVIES" Poseidon hollered back This couldn't get any worse are parents got of the way and continued arguing in the street.ANNABETH (pov)Idea I looked a Percy I mouthed thank all the gods that weren't here he understood we ran out of the cab and headed toward central park laughing our heads off.She is currently in a relationship with Percy Jackson.Annabeth's father, Frederick Chase, met Athena, the goddess of wisdom, battle, and handicrafts, while he was studying History at Harvard.We've been in her room for at least what seemed like five hours. So I said "Oh I think the red shirt went better with those jeans." Just to mess with her."You really think so? So more like a coincidence that we happen to be going the same direction. It was getting really difficult to hold the binoculars in one hand, use both eyes for spying, use both ears for listening, and the other hand for swatting the bugs. "Here, put this in your ear and I will tell you what to do through it""Oh okay, good.

Now I've been fighting monsters and even defeated the titans yet I was so nervous."Yeah" I tried t say confidently."You'll be fine" my mom said.

See water rushed through his Neptunian veins; a tempest stirred inside his heart. Annabeth grabbed Percy's hand and they followed Grover down the way.

Percy would die of grief if Annabeth didn't live to see her own wedding; if Percy didn't spend all of eternity with this wise hottie, he had no idea what he'd do. Grover was now crunching a cola can he had found in a trash bin.

Should I wear my dark blue converse or my navy blue converse? Seriously, she doesn't need a tour of the camp she lives here! It's all wrong." She went back and changed again putting on the outfit she previously had. But of course she changed again back into the outfit with the purple top. Now you're probably think, Well I know this must be wrong and invading people's privacy but I couldn't resist. I may have over done the "Fly Swatter" because it created a whole lot of noise rustling from the bushes. Percy came over but I'm not sure what he told Annabeth because I was too busy Fly Swatting. Actually his exact words were "What are you doing here? You seem to be doing just fine" I said."No I'm not!

" Annabeth asked talking really fast barely breathing. But I guess there's nothing else to for dates at camp unless you find sword fighting each other really romantic."Ughhhhhh" I groaned "try the purple one with the owl earrings and the navy blue converse" I said probably sounding really bored. Another five minutes went by and she came out wearing what she had on previously. She came out and she said "Okay I think this is the one. "Of course I'd probably say just to get out but she did look really nice today. I waited a minute and then took off after Annabeth to secretly meet with them. I see it more as being where they are at the moment. The sun was setting and the bugs were about to come out. But on the up side, Annabeth and Percy will have a more romantic walk. Percy looked over his shoulder and unfortunately saw me. " he said a little annoyed "Never mind" his tone softened up and became thankful "I need help! " Percy said nervously."Okay okay." I reached into my equipment bag and pulled out a communication device.

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