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For these reasons, it is the perfect lipstick to wear on a first date.Until you start wearing the face off whoever you’re with while sitting on a high stool at the bar in a crowded pub, revolting the bar staff who literally can not avoid the visual you are creating. Anyway, there are some outfits and occasions which simply require red lipstick, despite the fact that the risk of it smearing across someone’s face in a mortifying fashion at some stage in the proceedings.The secret is a fluffy pair of false lashes and a few coats of mascara on the bottom lashes.To achieve maximum feathery-ness, try This is what makeup artists like to call "a nighttime lip." And while wearing it in the bedroom might result in a mess-and-a-half, it's the perfect provocative hue to slick on before a date.

Sexism is the most common dating deal breaker among millennial women, yet dating apps are full of sexual harassment and misogyny.

Fortunately, for this International Women's Day, Happn's users will have a way to weed through the f-ckboys and find their woke baes.

The app is asking its men to wear red lipstick to show solidarity with sexual assault victims and womankind as a whole. S., Canada, and France will see a pop-up explaining the Mettez du Rouge ("put your red on") campaign, plus pictures of men wearing lipstick in their profile photos and statistics about sexual violence.

You could even add a fine eyeliner line, but that is all! If it’s your first date and you know already that there will be no kissing involved, red is perfect, indeed. When you wear red lipstick it just becomes part of your outfit and even a part of yourself. You have to keep up the effort ’till the night comes.

However, if you know that the date in question is going to end with a very deep kiss, you’d rather avoid it – or you’ll be very likely to end up looking like an ugly clown. Red lips lift the mood but also instantly lift any outfit!

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