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For those who would like to have a vacation in Israel , and especially in Eilat , we have a great selection of apartments for rent .Rental apartments in Eilat – is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of the hotel , make the stay really comfortable.With the recent abolition of entry visas to Israel since September 20, 2008, citizens of Russia are, of great importance in the acquisition of the most expensive real estate in Israel.In the most expensive purchase of real estate and Israelworth more than $ 3,000,000, the share of Russian buyers of real estate was expensive Israeli approximately 80% of the total number of buyers of real estate of Israel !„Der Ruf unseres Muttertagskonzerts hat auch die Niederlande erreicht“, sagte Franz Vogler, Vorsitzender des Gesangvereins „Harmonie“.

Living in Israel called Tel Aviv , "a city without a break." Undeveloped land is very small, and recently the price of new buildings are growing rapidly, for this reason, in the coastal area of ​​Tel Aviv, actively carried out buildings dot the city.Das Muttertagskonzert der Chorgruppe Kostheim hat Tradition.Ein kulturelles Ereignis, das am Samstag aber nicht nur die Mütter begeisterte.Expected May 2015 in a social relationship with most women other than what is being organized to promote.Storm Watch issued January at 1: 30am in the LBC Prayer Ministry will be ground zero about what helps each other out on social.

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Es macht halt Spaß, wenn die Musikvereine drei Stunden im Bürgerhaus ihr Auditorium in die sphärische Klangwelt entführen.

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