Tonya reiman the body language of dating

In The Body Language of Nationally renowned body language expert Tonya Reiman turns her attention to romance—explaining how to read the signals of your date, your mate, or that cutie across the bar—and never get rejected again! I think this book is great if you're a novice about body language.

This page is unavailable due to either geographic restrictions or other restrictions in place at this time.That’s right: These simple mistakes can cost you the job, according to body language expert Tonya Reiman, author of “The Power of Body Language.” “When someone first meets you, an evaluation is quietly and unconsciously taking place,” she explains.“There is an incredible amount of processing going on as millions of neurons in the brain are activated and working to determine if they believe you to be credible, trustworthy, and likable.Here are five places she's covertly checking you out.Be on your A-game in each setting, and her seduction won't be so secret anymore.

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Her book has even more great advice, along with photographs and illustrations throughout, so you can see exactly what you should be looking for! It really depends upon what you have under those two buttons.

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