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Ad campaigns via dating apps are still relative rarities.Between brands unsure how to use their unique features and apps often lacking a fully-developed ad revenue strategy, the channel remains under-exploited.Tinder aims to build on the success other dating sites, including Match and Grindr, have had with advertising.

For example, mentioning "yoga" or "surfing" in your ad was found to have a positive influence on the number of contacts that will result.Facebook is ground zero for dating web sites and singles-app advertising.Facebook probably has the best and largest database of humanity's relationship status, after all.While smartphone dating apps have their limitations (small screens, short attention span, a need to battle against growing resistance to ads that interrupt content) they also offer huge potential and force marketers to think differently about how they get their message across.Tinder has been the app of choice for many, but newer rivals like Happn are beginning to make an impact too.

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