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I was disgustingly motivated back then but for the last year, I haven’t actually used it. What do you get up to when you go out with your mates? Also starting a job that you’ve prepared for so you know you can just dive right in. My mate and I were walking down the street and some guy followed us on a bike, being quite weirdly sexually threatening.

Jordan: Well it was just a more dramatic story and it was more to do with the development of these characters. THR: There's a great Hitchcocky moment where you think Lucrezia (Grainger) is going to get caught with a stable boy, but the sound turns out to be a servant churning butter. When I started out making films, once I put together the script it could be done quite quickly, but now it takes forever.

That’s what’s quite scary, when you think that this is a privileged class of boys pushing each other into positions of power. Then I’m doing Lady Chatterley’s Lover and a film called The Finest Hours about coastguards. ’ Literally, I’ve just been in Toronto, give me a minute!

If they’re in the position of ruling an entire country, how are they going to have empathy with a different class? I was a temporary member of a private members’ club when I was at the Donmar Warehouse for a few months and I’m a gym club member. For the first time ever, I thought: how much is a PA?

They’d be chatting in the back of the car about what they were doing at the weekend and they were like: ‘Oh, do you want to come? I laughed so hard my belly hurt after a whole day of press.

It was necessary for them to feel a sense of camaraderie.

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